Horace Grant Denies Snitching Allegations From "The Last Dance"

Horace Grant Denies Snitching Allegations From "The Last Dance"


ESPN’s “The Last Dance” has revealed a lot about Michael Jordan and most recently, it was divulged that MJ used to take teammate Horace Grant’s food away after a bad game. Grant spoke to Shannon Sharpe about the whole thing and he was also on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast where he spoke in-depth about his relationship with the Bulls legend. 

Grant even talked about the allegations that he snitched on Jordan to reporter Sam Smith, who eventually used the information in his book, Jordan Rules. “I don’t know where did they come with that I was the source behind the book,” Grant said. “That’s a straight-up lie.”

“Michael and I really didn’t have a great relationship,” Grant continued when asked about how he felt about the Hall of Famer. “We respected each other as teammates in terms of us having one goal and that goal was winning a championship. We didn’t hang out that much off the court. He had his friends, I had my friends. (…) As for changing, I think, we weren’t close at all during that time.”

Needless to say, Jordan wasn’t exactly the easiest guy to play with but when you’re winning championships, being friendly typically takes a backseat. If there is one thing for sure, these two won’t be having dinner together, anytime soon.