“Hollow” By Pat Mac is Getting Us On Our Feet

“Hollow” By Pat Mac is Getting Us On Our Feet


The punk-pop artist Pat Mac recently released a fresh new track. The single that has crowds falling head over heels with its beats is titled “Hollow,” and we could not have asked for a better label.

With its raw, melodic tempos and invigorating vocals, this track is sure to climb the top of your playlist.

Pat Mac is known to rely on his actual life experiences in order to deliver hard-hitting and compelling tracks. His latest track is derived from a bad night out he had with disappointing company. He conveys an effortless message about how people can become hollow and how that affects their environment.

The contagious chorus packed with mesmerizing verses will have you humming the tune for days. The artist also announced a comparable lyric video for the song, adding more truth to the story.