HNHH’s Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

HNHH’s Top Users & Trolls Of 2019


Just like that, we’ve entered a new decade. It came all too suddenly, and it’s going to pass by even quicker. Before we get too caught up in 2020, though, there is still one last piece of reflection we need to do for 2019. Our annual review of our feisty comment section.

Every year, we take a look at who said what, who engaged the most in the c-section, and we shout out some of our most loyal commenters. This year, much like years’ past, we’re looking at the users who we *suspect* have multiple accounts, the ones who made us laugh the most, and our favorite comments of the year.

We want to see more POSITIVITY in the HNHH space in 2020. Life’s too short for negative and cruel comments. 



Are you surprised? Deathstroke is infamous in the comment section of HNHH. Either, he’s got a lot of copycats out there or he’s got a lot of time on his hands. We found a whopping 24 accounts with varying degrees of the “Deathstroke” name, while only 12 of those accounts remain active at this time.

PND Durag goat aka stimulation theory

What is it about the biggest artist stans on the site and multiple accounts? The trend continues, with everyone’s favorite PartyNextDoor ambassador, PND Durag, or, more formally known as PND Durag goat aka stimulation theory. There are a total of 7 accounts with his exact username, 5 of them are currently active.

Future the Trashman

Where are our other two users stan for a particular, Future the Trashman is more about trashing (surprise) the artist at hand — or really, any artist in his line of vision. We’ve found a total of 9 accounts with his name, and again, only 6 are active at the moment.


We always want to show love to our most dedicated commenters. That’s not to say that these are the dudes who commented the most or who were belligerent in their comments–  although two of the users here do make a repeat appearance in our grand tally of the users with the most comments in 2019– it’s simply to say that these users are important, and they help drive the conversation and debate in the comment section. Of course, sometimes it can be a purposefully incendiary comment that does this, but other times, they’re simply providing their own insight, feedback or (hot) take at the matter at hand. We love to see it.

Made_To_Post (2015)

Lageon (2013)

Spirit Sword  (2015)

K129 -TW:@kp129music-Beatmaker (2013)

ISIS? (2014)

All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ (2015)

KeepTheSameEnergy (2015)

Only Real HipHop Can Last (2016)


Jar Jar Binks (2015)

Master Roshi (2015)


You know the drill. Two of our (least?) favorite stans from last year make a rather inevitable return on this year’s list, and we also welcome a newcomer, who took up the mantle for Nicki Minaj this year. 

princeeee – NICKI MINAJ 

Let’s kick it off with our New Stan of 2019, princeeee, who made sure to hold it down for Nicki Minaj where ever and whenever possible. 

Deathstroke | INDIGO ????? – CHRIS BROWN

We all know Deathstroke at this point in the HNHH lifespan. If you don’t know him, you’re clearly not visiting the comment section enough (and if that’s the case, wtf are you doing???). It seems his account was recently banned or reported, as the latest Deathstroke account was a recent creation. Nonetheless, we have to give him props for staying on course. Deathstroke doesn’t let anything hinder his mission to sing the praises of Chris Brown

Pnd durag goat Aka Simulation Theory  – PARTYNEXTDOOR / OVO CAMP

Another familiar face for the HNHH community. Perhaps 2020 will finally be the year where PND really returns to the fold too? He’s teased as much with his two song drops at the tail end of 2019. Whatever the case, Pnd durag refuses to let a post on HNHH pass him by without hopping in the c-section and rattling off some weird banter about PND or the OVO camp at large.


We want to shout out these loyal users. Their loyalty is highlighted by the fact that they’ve managed to keep an account intact for over the course of at least seven years — which is quite the feat, considering the volatile nature of our comment section. We’re hoping to see these commenters and their Day One accounts for many years to come. In no particular order, these are our HNHH vets. Beginning with the HNHH Vet (at least, so says the name).

2010 HNHH Veteran. – 2012

Phamous – 2012

Manganime – 2012

Based Jesus – 2013

Kidfromusa – 2012

LightSkinGod  2012


Every year we see trolls and dedicated users alike come and go. At this time of year, we like to remember the ones we’ve lost in the past year, whether it be due to a simple account name change, a lack of motivation when it comes to all the time and effort that trolling takes, or another reason entirely. If you’ve seen any of these accounts in action, let us know. 


Last year, we crowned Avril among our favorite Rookie Trolls. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to maintain her presence this year. Still, we did receive a few gems from her in 2019, including the below comment. Avril is done with men, who need ’em anyways??? 

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

Fuck T.I.’s snitching ass

Despite an active account, we haven’t heard a peep out of Fuck T.I.’s snitching ass since 2017.

Giovannie Hernandez 

Good ol’ Giovannie. He recalls a simpler time, for those of our loyal HNHH users who remember his consistent presence on EVERY. SINGLE. POST. While we’ve seen his profile pop up intermittently in 2019, it’s nowhere near as consistent as he once was, and the flavour has changed a bit – sure, he’s dropped a few ‘title’ comments, but he’s also veered away from his signature comment style on a couple of comments too. 


Debbie, in a similar vein as Avril, was on HNHH in hopes of finding some fire hip-hop music for her sons, apparently. While we saw her in the c-section briefly at the beginning of 2019, including on last year’s Trolls & Users round-up (find that comment below), she’s since gone MIA. Do you miss Debbie? 

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019


IcognitoT is among our OG, valued commenters and we miss him. Have you seen him lately?

Living in a Full-Time Era 

Ditto for Living in a Full-Time Era. If you don’t remember him, he’s had his profile since 2014, but he’s clearly fallen off since 2018. He often stayed on topic when it came to his comments, simply providing his opinion, thoughts, or additional information on the subject matter at hand, and we appreciated it.


Every year, we have a new set of instigators on the site. These are the trolls on a mission– to bug the fuck out of you and create a reaction, or at the very least, elicit a reply. Ideally, it’s a pissed-off reply too. Now, to be clear, we don’t condone this behaviour, and we will not be highlighting the biggest instigators this year. This year, we want to instead, give a special shout-out to CalliouOffTheGlue, who for whatever reason has taken it upon himself to review how old any given account is, and put the user in their place if the creation date of their account is suspicious. 

We’ve noticed this happening through out the past year, but here’s a sampling:

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

CalliouOffTheGlue was particularly present and having NONE of it on this Fat Joe story.

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

However, it wasn’t his first time calling out the Eminem Stans on HNHH. He tried to bring this issue to light at the beginning of the year as well:

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019 


There was one comment, or rather, a set of two comments, in 2019 which really stood the test of the time. Meaning, we’re still laughing at it. This comment arrived in a rather unsuspecting post, and thus the surprise nature of the comment adds to its hilarity. Our favorite comments of the year (because, without one, we would not have the other) belong to Yelitza J (who only has one comment to her name, and clearly created her account in response to the story at hand), and Pat Johr who issued a swift, succinct reply to Yelitza that sums everything up nicely: “FUCC A ANIMAL.”

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

There are two other comments in particular that we would like to highlight in our yearly review. 

TruthTalk is a user who is attempting to do just that– or at least, whatever he perceives as the truth (and let’s take it all with a grain of salt)– he’s on HNHH spreading awareness about some issues which may or may not verge on conspiracy theories. When Tory Lanez called out Interscope, TruthTalk was there, giving us the scoop on what REALLY goes down in Hollywood. “That was interesting” definitely sums it up nicely, quabbity ashwitz.

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

One of the biggest news topics of 2019 was, of course, R. Kelly. The once-acclaimed r’n’b singer saw his personal and professional life spiral out of control ever since Lifetime aired their Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Among the fall-out, apparently R. Kelly squandered a lot of his cash. When it was revealed just how little R. Kelly had in his bank account, one of our astute users, RealHipHop1991, had something else to say about it. RealHipHop1991 claimed, without hesitation, that R. Kelly has $20 million hidden overseas. We cannot confirm if this is true. And, what’s a good comment without a hilarious reply, anyways? This is another two-for-one.

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019


As we near the end of this year’s User Awards, we need to unearth (expose?) these users who shelled out the most comments through out 2019. You’ve definitely seen them. 

10. Marcy Son – 1,412 comments

9. Keem’s Dream Shall Be Redeemed – 1,454 comments

8. Bizarre N “Creepy” Rugged – 1,542 comments

7. ISIS? – 1,701 comments

6. Spirit Sword – 1,850 comments

5. Tired of the bs – 1,851 comments

4. marcrobinson457 – 1,936 comments

3. Hip-hop L Delivery Guy – 2,079 comments

2. 6Shit – 2,706 comments

1. ?❄ ĐⱤł₱ God X ❄?(f.k.a. PlayboyX) – 2,781 comments


Finally, we’d like to give you a quick overview of the most-well received comments on the site this year. Among the top 3 Most Liked Comments, one is a simple reminder about the brevity of life, in response to the shocking and tragic death of Nipsey Hussle; one centers around 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather and T.I., a trio for controversy; and finally, we have a comment pertaining to Eminem (duh).

3. Nipsey Hussle Pronounced Dead After Shooting In Los Angeles (REST IN PEACE)

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

2. Floyd Mayweather Claps Back At T.I & 50 Cent, Calls Out Gucci Boycott Hypocrisy 

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

1. Sada Baby Says Eminem Isn’t A Top 5 Rapper From Detroit – The Most Liked Comment of the Year

HNHH's Top Users & Trolls Of 2019

From the entire HNHH team, we want to thank every single user for their support and comments over the years. We appreciate every one of you, and we’re wishing everyone a prosperous, happy, and healthy 2020!!