Hitmaka Advises Artists To Get Good Legal Team When "Doing Big Business"

Hitmaka Advises Artists To Get Good Legal Team When "Doing Big Business"


We’re kicking off March with a bang as Megan Thee Stallion recently called out her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment. The Fever rapper hopped online to accuse music executives of hindering the release of her new music because she’s asked to renegotiate her contract. After it was reported that the Houston rapper sued 1501 for over $1 million, it was shared that Megan has now been given the green light to drop new tunes as she sees fit.

TMZ caught up with Hitmaka also known as Yung Berg and asked the superproducer what he thinks about Megan’s current label drama. “You just gotta pretty much make sure your legal team is right when you take these deals and knowing you doing big business,” he said. “A lotta artists get into situations where they end up signing contracts and things of that nature without really thoroughly going through the paperwork or whatever. So, I mean, for Meg’s situation, I hope everything works out. I got love for both parties.”

Hitmaka went on to say, “There’s no such thing as bad deals when you actually sign the paperwork yourself. You just gotta be well-educated no matter how young you are. This game ain’t got no love for nobody. You see my journey. One minute you up, the next you down. It’s a transition through everything.”

Hitmaka was asked what advice he would give to Megan Thee Stallion, but he didn’t have much to say. “She already got a good team and good things going for her… Shout out to Roc Nation. I think she’s gon’ make it through and they’ll figure it out. They’ll negotiate and they’ll work out for the best.” Watch Hitmaka’s clip below.