Hip Hop Artist Danny Jai Releases New Single “You and I” Featuring Tory Lanez

Hip Hop Artist Danny Jai Releases New Single “You and I” Featuring Tory Lanez


Danny Jai is a twenty something college grad who adds to his credentials a growing hip hop career. Born in Donna, Texas this Mexican American makes Hip Hop romantic for the lovers of the world. “You and I” performed with fellow rapper Tory Lanez is smooth and sultry.

This tune is easy to sway to, listen to and simply enjoy. Its mellow mid-tempo beat allows you to slow down and just soak it in. While it reminds you of the commitment of love and the dedication, it is not desperate and intense. Instead, it is intense yet relaxing- like something that is inevitable and destined.

The male vocals or Danny Jai and Tory Lanez are spoken with intensity and determination while the female vocals are soft and seductive. The men are drawn to the honey sweet sound of her voice and they cannot pull away as she repeats the refrain, “You and I, You and I…”

The men take turns rapping. As Tory offers up to rough to the point rap, Danny follows with his Spanish/English contribution. All the while she continues to sing setting up an aura of a burgeoning romance that’s seeking some stroking to make it burn even hotter.

This love is real, and it’s based on the only two elements that are needed the love of a man and a woman. The love may be just beginning or long, tested, and true, but most importantly its true. She loves him and he loves her. “The only thing I’m thinking bout is you and I”.