Here’s What Demi Lovato Orders on Postmates

Here’s What Demi Lovato Orders on Postmates


Demi Lovato is a Postmates fan, and the delivery app has the receipts to prove it. 

On Friday (Jan. 24), Postmates highlighted the pop star's ordering habits ahead of her performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday in the latest edition of their aptly titled blog feature "The Receipt." Among Lovato's list of most-ordered items? Starbucks iced green tea, homemade yogurt from Yogurtstop and guacamole from health-conscious LA-based Mexican eatery Tocaya Organica.

The singer's Postmates receipts also reveal her favorite place for coffee is Alfred Coffee in LA, where she regularly orders an iced latte, a Coconut H20 coconut water and a ham and cheese breakfast croissant.

However, Lovato's biggest splurge on the app is actually for her dogs, Cinderella and Batman. Back in February 2019, she racked up a $118 charge at a California pet store on dog food, treats and toys, including a sock monkey and two different stuffed gators (pink for Cinderella, blue for Batman).

Check out more of Lovato's Postmates receipts here.