Here’s Every Hookup From This Week’s Double Shot At Love Pool Party

Here’s Every Hookup From This Week’s Double Shot At Love Pool Party


“Bet you didn’t think that was going to happen.”

No, DJ Pauly D, we didn’t think you would be hooking up with your ex-girlfriend, based on the extremely awkward lack of communication between you and Nikki up until last week. And same goes for Vinny and Maria. But we love Vegas pool parties this time of year, especially when DJ Pauly D is at the center of it all doing his thing!

Tonight’s Double Shot at Love featured a whole lotta loving, including unanticipated pairs Pauly and Nikki and Vinny and Maria as well as more-expected duos Brandon and Marissa, Nicky and Suzi and Pretty Ricky and Derynn. Yes, people were “dropping like flies” — and falling into each other’s sacks arms. Pauly’s Drai’s event — with surprise guests Mike and Lauren — resulted in a “situation out here,” and it was endlessly entertaining. We have seen this show before (thanks, B-Lashes and Derynn). Well, most of it.

Here’s a look at everyone who wound up together:

  • Vinny and Maria

    It seemed appropriate that since “all they talk about is sex” (according to Nikki), they would well, have sex. After Pauly D was the ultimate wingman by stating, “If you want to see Vinny make out with Maria make some noise” to the crowd, the flirtatious build-up culminated in a lot of bible studying kissing and eventual PDA. When the festivities concluded at Drai’s, they returned to the suite to resolve “their problems”…in the bedroom.

  • Pauly and Nikki

    Nikki confessed to Laurens that she wanted to be with Pauly and that she was scared to confess her feelings. But Mrs. Sitch encouraged Nikki to be honest, and one of Pauly’s final ladies listened. Translation: Nikki made her way into the booth when Pauly was working and gave him a big, unexpected hug. After a bit of back and forth about breaking up and blocking each other (as they were embracing), they found love in a hopeless place as the song played. “That’s my ex-girlfriend — imagine if she was my real girlfriend?” he quipped on the mic, post-makeout. And now they have reunited — so what’s next? We will have to wait and “see how it goes.” But, yes, Derynn, “here we go again” is spot-on.

  • Pretty Ricky and Derynn

    There were no hard feelings (so sorry it had to be done) between the Chippendale’s dancer and the cat enthusiast after their recent failed romp. But now they’re ready to see where it goes — and Derynn did admit she likes him more than any other guy she’s met recently.

  • Suzi and Nicky

    Cheers to living their best life! And sh*t doesn’t appear to be weird between the two…yet.

  • Brandon and Marissa

    Four words: “Here we go again.”

What will happen to all of these Sin City couples? Keep watching Double Shot at Love every Thursday at 8/7c to see what’s in store for them and the rest of the crew!