Here Are the 6 Best Justin Bieber ‘Yummy’ Dance Videos

Here Are the 6 Best Justin Bieber ‘Yummy’ Dance Videos


With the rise of YouTube and TikTok in the past few years, also came the rise of the viral dance video. When a catchy new song hits the market, those with rhythm are quick to come up with creative choreography to the hit.

Justin Bieber's "Yummy" is no different. It's been just two days since the song's release, and there's already countless dance videos on the Internet. The frenzy isn't a surprise, since "Yummy"s infectious hook is sure to make anyone start swaying hips.

And since these dance videos are so fun to watch, we at Streets Talkin rounded up the six best dance videos to "Yummy," spanning from YouTube to Twitter to TikTok. Watch them below.

Parris Goebel and the "Sorry" girls

TikTok user @tonylopez


That yummy yum —

♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

Sebastian Linares

John Kevin Lee Labordo

TikTok user @taylerholder


Yummy yum — @tatimcquay @jeffxtingz

♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

The Happy Kids