Harry Styles Is A One-Man Italian Vacation In Dazzling ‘Golden’ Video

Harry Styles Is A One-Man Italian Vacation In Dazzling ‘Golden’ Video


Harry Styles is on the run.

In the dazzling new visual for “Golden,” the cruising-through-the-hills lead track from his 2019 sophomore album, Fine Line, Styles runs and drives away from… something. But it doesn’t quite matter what’s after Harry, does it? The mere vision of him in a billowing white blouse, pumping legs, and lip-synching to the tune is enough to inspire dozens of mood boards. Summer is gone, and it’s quite cold now. But “Golden” can keep us warm.


With one gloved white hand gripping the steering wheel of a luxury auto and the other running through his windblown mane as he cruises through Italian hills, Styles owns the frame. It’s funny how little it requires for a Harry Styles music video — if you have the star himself, you’re 90 percent there.

Indeed, Styles’s second era has had no shortage of blockbuster music videos. Previously, he went shirtless for “Lights Up,” starred in a fishing town parable for “Adore You,” got swallowed by the sea for “Falling,” and threw a (much-needed) beachy fruit orgy for “Watermelon Sugar.” If these visuals map out a journey, “Golden” puts us squarely on holiday. And we deserve it!

The early tease for this video included a shot of Styles in a yellow fishing hat, standing shirtless in front of water. It’s one of the key images of the full clip, though there’s plenty of underwater swimming shots as well — get your screenshot fingers ready!

Watch the heavenly “Golden” video above.