Gucci Mane Still Laughing At Fatally Shooting Jeezy’s Associate

Gucci Mane Still Laughing At Fatally Shooting Jeezy’s Associate


Gucci Mane very rarely holds his tongue but it appears that in the last few weeks, he’s been wildin’ out a bit more than he has since his release from prison. Recently, he hit the ‘Gram to wish a coronavirus-induced death on all of his haters. Though he didn’t clarify who the haters were, there’s clearly one nemesis that’s on Gucci’s mind these days.

Gucci Mane Still Laughing At Fatally Shooting Jeezy's Associate
Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Now, you can’t talk about the legend that is Gucci Mane without mentioning his incredibly tense feud with Jeezy. The two came up in Atlanta around the same time but after a falling out, it’s been said that Jeezy sent people to snatch Gucci Mane’s chain. This led to a shootout that left one man dead. Gucci was charged and later acquitted of the murder. Gucci has spoken about the subject in his autobiography but it appears that it’s not as traumatizing as he once detailed it to be.

The rapper took to the ‘Gram where he shared a video that reenacted the shooting. “This was Gucci Mane when Jeezy sent those dudes to take his chain,” the video’s titled. The man in the video was essentially pulling some Mission Impossible moves while firing a fake gun. Gucci let the video to the talking but he did add in the caption, “but fa real tho” along with laughing emojis.

Peep the video below.