Griff Galexxzee’s Latest Musical Offering, “New Style”

Griff Galexxzee’s Latest Musical Offering, “New Style”


Just released! Toronto’s very own R&B sensation, Griff Galexxzee, is making waves with his latest single, “New Style.” With a rich career that spans over 15 years, Griff has been a stalwart in the hip-hop community, pulling influences from his life in Toronto and his roots in Ghana.

The inspiration for Griff‘s musical journey was deeply personal, beginning with a tragedy—the loss of his supportive mother in 2009. His musical venture started in the cozy confines of his brother’s basement, fueled by the encouragement of his high school friends and their first attempts at lyricism.

Music has always been a family affair for Griff, surrounded by his mother’s choral singing, his brother’s piano, and his sister’s vast collection of records. This eclectic musical upbringing allowed him to absorb influences from icons like Michael Jackson to rock legends like U2, molding him into a versatile artist with a knack for blending genres.

“New Style” serves as a vibrant anthem that empowers women to embrace their individuality with confidence. Griff’s goal was to produce a track that’s both enjoyable and uplifting, with a focus on catchy melodies that resonate with listeners, complemented by thoughtful lyrics.

Previously, Griff released “Facts Over Feelings” during the pandemic under Sony/Orchard, amassing 600,000 streams, and saw success with “You Right,” hitting the iTunes Top 15. His musical inspirations include legends from Michael Jackson to Pharrell and modern innovators like Daft Punk, reflecting his eclectic taste and innovative approach.

“New Style” is available now for your listening pleasure on all major streaming services. Tune in and let Griff Galexxzee’s new single empower and entertain you.