Gilbert Arenas Pens IG Novel Over The KD & Kendrick Perkins Feud

Gilbert Arenas Pens IG Novel Over The KD & Kendrick Perkins Feud


Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant got into a pretty heated argument on Twitter last night as Russell Westbrook made his return to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Perkins was upset at how KD left the Thunder and even stated that Westbrook was the best player in the history of the franchise. KD felt some type of way about his and immediately gave Perkins a piece of his mind. Perkins went on to say that Durant was a coward for going to the Golden State Warriors.

Gilbert Arenas didn’t take too kindly to Perkins’ take and took it upon himself to hop on Instagram this morning. Arenas wrote a lengthy post about how Durant’s move to Golden State was warranted. It’s clear that Arenas is taking KD’s side here, although he made sure to say he usually agrees with Perkins on 99 percent of his takes.

Per Arenas:

“Only two teams that can give him those two boxes [a title and Finals MVP] were Golden State and Cavs, who were the champs. Being the champs, Cavs weren’t making a move. Actually like me say this better. Cavs being cheap asses wasn’t gonna sign KD (Dan Gilbert bought that team in 2005) the biggest outside free agent they have signed was Larry Hughes in 2005. That was 15 years ago. Contracts have doubled since then and that’s still the biggest outside free agent signing. So the only team that’s left was Golden State.”

This is a debate that won’t be dying down anytime soon although it’s interesting to see Arenas come through with an opinion we haven’t heard voiced before. If KD can win a title with Brooklyn, this whole conversation will finally be put to bed.