Gbeke Releases Single “Deny”

Gbeke Releases Single “Deny”


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With a throwback 90’s beat and an incredibly unique sound, Gbeke tells the story of being stuck in your head. We love how incredibly relatable it is in a time like this that even though we do this in good times too… in these uncertain times in the world sometimes it is easier to deny the thing that hurts, the thing we did, the thing we didn’t do…

It’s all just a little too much.

While the song sends a serious message, you will begin to bob your head within the first few seconds of the track. Something about it feels very underground, very personal and very much like Gbeke may be singing this song just to you.

Anyone who loves an old school beat, poetically driven song writing and voices will fall in love with Deny and Gbeke. Perfect for a mediation session, a wind-down chill night before Netflix or that song you need to hear to get yourself out of your head for a little while, Deny takes you out of your situation for a moment… making you feel less alone in your anxiety, your feeling of hopelessness and craziness.

Honest and real, Gbeke’s Deny is sure to be a hit as soon as it hits ears. We are excited to see more from this artist. Gbeke is certainly one to watch as this song takes her from the underground to the limelight.


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