Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Secures Date For Court Hearing In Paternity Case

Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Secures Date For Court Hearing In Paternity Case


Until recently, Future‘s baby mama drama could be boiled down to cases of he said/she said, or more fittingly, she said/he refrained from commenting on the matter. There are two women, Cindy Parker and Eliza Seraphin, who have been going after him for months, trying to prove that he is the father of their young children and secure child support from him. The Atlanta rapper has been masterfully evading these accusations, so Parker and Seraphin have formed a coalition to pin him down. 

Given the circumstances, taking Future to court would be the most promising course of action. Last month, his two accusers revealed on Instagram that DNA tests showed there to be a 99.9% chance that their children are biological siblings. According to The Blast, Parker submitted these DNA results to the court and a Texas judge has set a hearing for January 17. 

Parker has repeatedly attempted to serve Future with legal documents, but has come out unsuccessful. She also claimed that Future tried to bury the situation by offering her hush money, but turned it down in hopes that a court will order Future to pay child support and accept partial custody. If the judge determines that Parker has convincing arguments that Future could be the father of her child, Future may be forced to settle this matter in court once and for all.

While Parker pursues legal channels to resolve the issue, Seraphin has been taking to social media. Future reportedly requested a gag order against Seraphin right before Christmas, but no update has been provided on whether it was approved.