Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Laughs Off His Recent Claim

Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Laughs Off His Recent Claim


We’ve been hearing about the drama between rapper Future and his alleged baby mama Eliza Seraphin for over a year. Their situation has made Seraphin somewhat of a social media celebrity, boosting her profile and allowing her to receive a heightened audience on her content. When she initially revealed that she was expecting the Atlanta star’s child, Future apparently tried to shut her up by taking vicious means, threatening her life if she refused to get an abortion. She ended up going through with her pregnancy, giving birth to her daughter Reign and trolling the rapper all throughout the last year. After Future claimed that she had “invaded his privacy” by going public with their legal spat for financial support, Seraphin is using fighting words and laughing off all of this.

Seraphin states in new legal documents that, if Future really was concerned about his privacy, he would have shut up his six other baby mamas. Why would she make a difference? For starters, she argues that if Future did not want to have a child, he would have used protection but, alas, he did not. 

Future's Alleged Baby Mama Laughs Off His Recent Claim
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Seraphin also claims that the rapper’s sexual relations with women “are all documented and widely reported on the internet and discussed on social media. It is unknown why he would think this one would be any different.”

Future has not admitted or denied being the father of 11-month old Reign Wilburn. Seraphin says that if Future were so concerned about his privacy, he should just get a paternity test done to prove he’s not implicated in this drama.

Whose side are you on?