‘Friends And Family Are All You Got’: The Jersey Shore Gang Finally Decided To Forgive And Forget

‘Friends And Family Are All You Got’: The Jersey Shore Gang Finally Decided To Forgive And Forget


All the family vacation feels! (It’s about time.)

Tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation finale finally saw the crew in a better place after 10 looong months of tension. Only it wasn’t bruschetta that mended fences or even Deena’s faux toast (just kidding!). It was drunk Vinny’s “terrible speech.”

Following raunchy rhetoric of hairy balls, mushroom tattoos, lefty cappuccinos, and Mike’s cockeyed nipples, Vinny emerged (in a bridesmaid dress, no less) to deliver the speech to end all speeches.

Cheesy one-liners included the likes of, “Some people call her the Staten Island dump, but joke’s on them because the Staten Island dump’s been closed for several years and now it’s a beautiful park that people love to go to!”

But… it actually worked.

“A terrible speech broke us apart. But an even more terrible speech brought us back together,” Mike stated.

It wasn’t long (mere minutes, really) before things were pretty much back to normal, with red velvet cake fights and a mobile stripper truck, complete with Ariana the extortionist contortionist.

Fast forward to the day after, when a friendly game of volleyball and Uncle Nino in a Speedo cured any and all lingering hard feelings and hangovers. Even Angelina admitted that JWOWW and Deena “are not mean girls.” See ya, Regina George!

“Right now, boys, we’re sitting back and enjoying the fruits of our labor. We did all that,” Mike said, referencing RSVP’s grand plan to reunite the girls via a sneaky double-booking.

Speaking of Big Daddy Sitch, his and Lauren’s Deena-inspired pregnancy announcement brought out even more poolside fuzzies. Because at the end of the day vacation, it’s not about silly speeches or anonymous notes â€” it’s about family.

“Being confined in this hotel during COVID makes you feel differently, because 2020’s been like the worst year ever. Friends and family are all you got,” Vinny said. “We’ve had this experience for 10 years, and we feel it falling apart sometimes. So the fact that we were able to save it makes me appreciate it a lot more.”

Us, too, Vin! Us, too. Stay with MTV News for more Jersey Shore: Family Vacation updates!