French Montana Rubs New Bugatti In 50 Cent’s Face While Listening To Biggie

French Montana Rubs New Bugatti In 50 Cent’s Face While Listening To Biggie


The feud between 50 Cent and French Montana appears to have finally come to a close. In the final moments of their Bugatti-based beef, Montana uploaded videos to social media, which expose 50 Cent as an informant and a freak in the sheets. The New York rapper excitedly showed off his receipts, co-signing Celina Powell’s claims that Fiddy enjoys booty play during sex and exposing some government paperwork that spells out Curtis Jackson’s name in the “snitch” category. Noting that he won the battle, French Montana is now focusing on his flexing capacity, riding around in the same Bugatti he was clowned over and unconsciously rubbing it in his rival’s face.

50 Cent is not one to be upstaged. Purchasing a brand new Bugatti for himself on Christmas, Fif went after French Montana for copping an older model of the vehicle. Montana doesn’t care though. He still paid nearly $2 million for the whip and it’s still an absolute beaut. The Coke Boys artist decided that enough was finally enough. He’s allowed to be proud of his new car and he’s definitely allowed to show it off on Instagram. Isn’t that what the platform is for? Flexing?

“DONT Let EM HOLD YOU DOWN,” wrote the star in his caption, listening along to The Notorious B.I.G as he rode around his city in his Bugatti. Montana has already put a nice amount of mileage on the vehicle, revealing that he now has 14K miles on the dash after buying the car with 6K miles on it.

Take a look at the video below.