French Montana Exposes 50 Cent’s Alleged Freaky Side With Celina Powell’s Help

French Montana Exposes 50 Cent’s Alleged Freaky Side With Celina Powell’s Help


She strikes again. Just over a week after she exposed Snoop Dogg’s alleged cheating ways, telling the world that they had unprotected sex during a cocaine-fueled binge, Celina Powell is back and she’s giving up all the goods. She teased that she would be coming after 50 Cent next and she did just that, uploading a new video detailing all the fun they had together, leaking several text messages and coming through with receipts. Of course, given her shotty history, you’ve got to take whatever she says with a grain of salt. Powell isn’t the most trustworthy individual but, as expected, French Montana had a very good time with this information. Noting that 50 Cent has a fetish for having his backside played with, Powell explained what allegedly went down between them sexually, leading to Montana’s hyena-like laughter invading social media.

French Montana Exposes 50 Cent's Alleged Freaky Side With Celina Powell's Help
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Posting clips from the vlog entry, French Montana continued his feud with 50 Cent, writing excitedly about what he had just heard. “NOW I KNOW WHAT ‘GET THE STRAP’ MEANNN 59,” joked the rapper about Fif’s slogan. “SHE GOT THE MAGIC STICK, NOT YOUR BOOTYYYY.. SAY IT AIN’T SO 59. THATS WHY THEY CALLED YOU BOO BOO!!!!! HERE’S THE FULL STORY. GETTIN YOUR SALAD TOSSED FOR HOURS PART 1.”

Throughout the video, Celina Powell wears a t-shirt labelled “thot,” you know, just in case we needed a reminder. Over the weekend, Montana also addressed his fake streaming controversy by accusing 50 Cent of being the mastermind behind his numbers fiasco. He also leaked a crucial scene from the return of Power. This is getting heated.