French Montana Accused Of Faking Streams For "Writing On The Wall"

French Montana Accused Of Faking Streams For "Writing On The Wall"


In the midst of his Bugatti-fuelled feud against 50 Cent, French Montana may have some explaining to do regarding the sudden traction his single “Writing On The Wall” appears to be earning. The track was released three months ago with features from Cardi B and Post Malone but, for some reason, it just didn’t catch on as the New York rapper had hoped. His album Montana did not debut on top of the Billboard 200 and now, it looks like the rapper may have resorted to faking streams to appear more popular than he really is. Or, at least, that’s what he’s being accused of.

We’re seriously hoping French Montana has something to say about this. The Coke Boys leader is already in danger of losing his battle against 50 Cent and overnight, a Twitter thread that seemingly exposes Montana and his label of hacking into Spotify accounts and playing “Writing On The Wall” blew up. 

“French Montana’s out here buying streams in a desperate attempt to turn his 3 months old flop song into a hit,” wrote a Twitter user in a thread that’s being circulated online. The music fan did some deep digging, determining that despite the track’s abysmal chart placement on Apple Music, it’s performing well on Spotify “because of TikTok” but the evidence just doesn’t add up. After searching to see if people were actually listening to the song on Twitter, the man came across tons of people claiming their accounts had been hacked into, streaming “Writing On The Wall” without their consent. 

If this information is legitimate, it means that French Montana and his label have been buying streams to try and make this song into a hit, which seems pretty unethical. Do you think this is real? Check out the thread below.