Fredo Bang Talks Juice WRLD Overdose & Says Everybody Needs Therapy

Fredo Bang Talks Juice WRLD Overdose & Says Everybody Needs Therapy


We’ve lost a number of artists recently to drug-related deaths including Lil Peep, Mac Miller, Lexii Alijai, and reportedly Juice WRLD. The growing list has caused rap artists to take a long, hard look at their lyrical content as it pertains to drug use. Some have even pledged to stop rapping about popping pills and drinking lean, while others have vocalized that while they don’t promote drug use, they still intend to talk about it in their songs.

When Fredo Bang, who once regularly drank lean, sat down with Vlad TV, he shared his thoughts on his generation of artists’ addiction issues. “I feel like a lot of us need help out here,” Fredo said. “Therapy. A lot of us have disorders and stuff that we don’t know of. I feel like everybody should be evaluated at some point in they life. Early on. Especially if you go through something.”

“The Juice WLRD thing, it’s real sensitive because it was like, a bad way,” he added. “I feel like a lotta people… It’s the way… I took it as he took it to get rid of them because the police was there.” Vlad interjected to share the circumstances around Juice WRLD’s death once again. “It’s sad,” the rapper said. Even though Fredo Bang had never met the Chicago rapper, he still admitted that “Juice WRLD was one of my favorite artists.”

“That’s what makes it a hurtful situation because it wasn’t like, I think dude was supposed to have got clean,” Fredo said. “I don’t know. It wasn’t like he was just taking them and getting loaded. He did it to not go to jail.” Fredo Bang added that “[President] Trump doing the opioid stuff” has caused there to be “a lotta fake pills” to be manufactured and distributed on the streets.

He said that people support Trump wanting to tackle the opioid crisis, “but they don’t know that it’s causing the reaction of fake pills people worse than the actual pills.” Check out the rapper with Vlad TV below.