Frank Ocean Unveiled As Star Of Prada’s "Optimist Rhythm" 2020 Menswear Collection

Frank Ocean Unveiled As Star Of Prada’s "Optimist Rhythm" 2020 Menswear Collection


It’s no secret Frank Ocean loves him some Prada, often repping the brand in his looks at events like the 2019 Met Gala and on covers for publications like W Magazine. Now, Prada has returned the love, by unveiling Frank as one of the stars featured in the Italian fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2020 menswear campaign, the Optimist Rhythm collection.

In the black-and-white shot, Frank can be seen rocking some of the pieces from the collection while the “Prada” name next to him is turned sideways, becoming an acronym for “Programming Rhythms And Dancing Again.” This creative choice is part of the unique approach Prada has taken in order to “reinvent conventional identity” through their campaign. The “Prada” name has been turned into various acronyms in order to serve as “a playful metaphor for a confident embracing of the indefinability of the idea of Prada itself.” The collection features “a trinity of contemporary creatives, pivotal cultural personalities of now and archetypes of the hyper fragmented mindset of tomorrow,” including actor Austin Butler and director/screenwriter Nicolas Winding Refn.

“Each embodies a single identity of the Prada man, one aspect, one outlook, multiplied by each image, each definition. They are representations of the legion individuals that comprise the collective…Each of these men uses words to define themselves: the lyrics of a song, the words of a script. They are a blueprint, a template, for life, for living, for feeling. Here, words are used as a means to redefine the image, to attempt to define the indefinable – PRADA,” the label stated.

Frank was recently announced as one of the headliners at Coachella this year. It looks like 2020 is going to be Frank’s year, and we couldn’t be more happy for him.