Florida Man Woke Up To Burglar Sucking His Toes On Christmas Eve

Florida Man Woke Up To Burglar Sucking His Toes On Christmas Eve


While some wait until Christmas day to open up presents one Florida man woke up on Christmas Eve to an unwanted surprise. According to Bradenton Herald, police were called to a home after the victim woke up to a burglar sucking his toes. In the incident report, the victim said that he asked the suspect what he was doing in his home and the suspect replied that was just “there to suck toes.”

Things didn’t end there, of course. The situation got heated after a melee broke out between the two. The victim said that the suspect attempted to grab his balls in the midst of the fight and claimed that he was armed. The gun, according to the report, was never actually seen and it wasn’t found at the scene of the crime. 

The suspect was apparently quite upset at the fact that he wasn’t able to continue his toe-sucking escapades, especially after the victim found a way to take the suspect out of the home. The suspect then smashed one of the windows in the home after he was booted and busted the windshield of the victim’s vehicle. Police didn’t happen to find the suspect, even with the help of a police dog but they did get DNA swabs from the victim’s toes.

The toe-sucking Florida man is still at large.