“Fireworks” By Lux Beauregard Is A Compelling Debut You Can’t Miss

“Fireworks” By Lux Beauregard Is A Compelling Debut You Can’t Miss


“Fireworks” by Lux Beauregard is a compelling debut that cannot be overlooked. Coming straight from Nashville, the singer and songwriter delves into the indie and pop genre in a unique mix of cinematic sounds while delivering a powerful and soul-stirring performance for all to enjoy. 

The song is about the contradictions we all face, in other words, human emotions. It is a reflection of all the various experiences Lux faced in 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic took its toll on everyone, regardless of where they live, and the artist does a great job exploring the hardships we all faced through her powerful performance. 

Even though the world is facing a major crisis, the heart still has the capacity to fall in love. Intimate and sensual exploration is at the core of the artist’s soulful release. The overall vibe that the song gives is an uplifting sensory experience, offering powerful emotions and feelings that are explored through her soul—a compelling piece, with a great exploration of various instruments that ambiently add together. 

For now, enjoy Lux Beauregard’s “Fireworks”, and don’t forget to check out her socials: InstagramSoundcloud