Fetty Wap & Alexis Skyy Celebrate Baby Alaiya Grace’s Second Birthday

Fetty Wap & Alexis Skyy Celebrate Baby Alaiya Grace’s Second Birthday


Regardless of the rumors that surround Fetty Wap and his ex Alexis Skyy, the rapper remains dedicated to Baby Alaiya Grace. It was alleged that Fetty was Alaiya’s father until he revealed on Instagram Live that the little girl may not be his biological child. The rapper said he would always love her, was there when she was born, and went to all of her doctor’s appointments.

“Me and her mother fell out but that ain’t got nothing to do with the baby,” the rapper said back in September 2019. “When I feel like I want to be there, I’m going to be there,” Fetty told his social media fans. “I’m gonna help, but as far as me going above my boundaries…nah. If it was biological with me, then it would be different.” Alexis made a statement that she did want to comment on Fetty’s remarks “out of respect for my new relationship” with rapper Trouble.

Since that time, Fetty has shared that he’s looking toward the future with a more positive mindset and a clearer vision for the year 2020, and mending relationships seems to be a priority. The rapper recently shared a loving birthday message to Baby Alaiya who has endured much since her birth due to her hydrocephalus diagnosis.

“Happy Birthday Miss Grace … you are the strongest person I have ever met , I watched you fight through some sh*t that me and your mom cried about not knowing if you was gonna make it out,” Fetty wrote. “Now look 2 years of age and still holdin that smile ? … you different shorty you really strong.. thank you for letting me be apart of your beginning to a bright future .. I can’t wait to see the powerful young lady you become … ♥️ HBD lil lady.” Over on Alexis’s page, the model thanked her loved ones for attending Baby Alaiya’s birthday party. Check it out below.