"Family Feud" Contestant Confuses Popeye The Sailorman For Fast Food Chain

"Family Feud" Contestant Confuses Popeye The Sailorman For Fast Food Chain


Hilariously wrong answers on the game show Family Feud have become a mainstay in popular culture that transcends every niche, sub-group of individuals across the country. For some reason, the masses love just watching other people be embarrassingly wrong about the simplest of subjects. Surprisingly, Americans aren’t the only ones that get enjoyment out of watching people fail epically when asked questions because Canada has its own version of the highly-popularized Family Feud

Family Feud: Canada‘s rendition of the game show ditches the comedic stylings of Steve Harvey and his infamous suits for Canadian actor/comedian, Gerry Dee. While the hosts may not be the same, the concept remains the same where contests guess the closest to correct answer based on a question surveyed by a hundred different patrons. 

In this particular episode the Dubois family of Lorette, MB faced off against Tomlins family of Waterloo, ON. In the sudden death round, Logan took on Eve in a winner takes all one-answer question to which Gerry Dee asked, “What’s Popeye’s favorite food?”

Eve got to the buzzer first to which she answered, “Chickennnn,” whilst rolling her shoulders as if she was in a Mary J. Blige music video. To her family’s disappointed body language and the laughter of the crowd, Eve realized the mistake that cost her family a $10,000 cash prize. Logan was able to retort stating, “Show me spinach, Gerry,” calmly solidifying the bag for his family.  

Check out the hilarious clip of Eve’s costly wrong answer and victory dance below.