Family Dinner Face-Off: Will JWOWW And Angelina Keep Peace On Jersey Shore?

Family Dinner Face-Off: Will JWOWW And Angelina Keep Peace On Jersey Shore?


One roommate (and a plate of pancakes) down, one to go for Angelina.

The latest Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw JWOWW heading straight to the lion’s den Las Vegas for a little GTL with the fam following “a simple TMJ surgery” gone awry. Though “a little nervous” to run into her arch-nemesis Angelina, she was crystal clear that she wasn’t about to fly across the country to play a dramatic game of sitdown musical chairs.

“I’ll always be sorry for the speech because of the way I made her feel, but it doesn’t give my roommates the right to try and force us to try and have a conversation,” Jenni shared.

Angelina, on the other hand, was too busy basking in her recent heart-to-heart with a certain expectant meatball to worry about begging for anybody else’s friendship.

“I just had a great day with Deena, and I wanted to simmer in that for a while,” said the Staten Island native. “If [Jenni] comes in with no problems, then that’s fine. But I don’t know what’s she’s gonna do. She’s unpredictable. Last time there were almost bottles thrown.”

And while Ron encouraged Ang to “take the initiative and be the bigger person,” the not-so-newlywed made it clear she’s not exactly over it.

“For my mental health, I don’t want to be around this girl,” Angelina shared before bursting into tears.

As the fateful family dinner drew closer, it became evident that neither cast member really wanted to talk about it and were cool sitting at opposite ends of the table, albeit for the first time in 10 months.

“I don’t have any feelings toward her, so I don’t give a sh*t,” JWOWW told the guys.

But just in case the chairs and chicken cutlets fly, Angelina’s husband Chris was flown in to serve as a buffer. Cue Ang: “Jenni will not come at me the way she normally would if she knows my husband’s sitting next to me.”

Now that both girls are sitting down and making zero eye contact, we have one question: Will there be bruschetta to help smooth things over? Sound off with your thoughts, and catch their confrontation next Thursday at 8/7c!