Erin Stevenson – Never Too Much (Official Video)

Erin Stevenson – Never Too Much (Official Video)


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Erin Stevenson’s rendition of Luther Vandross’s smash hit, “Never Too Much,” is absolutely amazing! With its signature disco and RnB vibe, this song transcends several musical styles and generations. Erin’s sultry and sassy version showcases her incredible vocal range. With a great backup band and production, the music video truly captures the heart and soul of this happy, jazzy, upbeat classic. Erin adds her own unique touch to the track — one that simply has to be heard and seen by old-school and new-school RnB fans alike.

This multi-generational ballad celebrates the everlasting love of music and its relation to romance. Erin eloquently captures the magic of Vandross with every verse. In fact, Luther is one of her biggest inspirations, and you can easily hear and see the love and respect she has for this landmark artist. Erin’s vocals penetrate your soul with her smooth and sexy voice that will leave you wanting more. I have played this beautiful song over and over and still love its unique experience each time! Sit back, relax, and listen to this stellar version of a classic that oozes romance and love with every fantastic lyric.

Erin pays homage to an RnB legend whose music continues to inspire singers from coast to coast and across the globe. With her magnificent singing style and presence, Erin lights up the world with tantalizing music that simply makes you feel great. Subscribe to Erin’s YouTube channel by clicking the link below. This gorgeous singer has great music on her page and the horizon. Stay tuned!