Erica Mena Receives Death Threats Over "L&HH" Drama: "This Is A Television Show"

Erica Mena Receives Death Threats Over "L&HH" Drama: "This Is A Television Show"


It’s not uncommon for reality stars to take to their social media accounts after their shows air to clear up any misconceptions about a recent episode. On Monday, Love & Hip Hop New York‘s Erica Mena thought a few things needed to be said about a scene that showed her friends Jonathan and JuJu alerting Cyn Santana that Erica had plans to hook up Cyn’s ex Joe Budden with Joe’s ex Tahiry. Of course, Erica and Cyn are also exes, making this whole circle as confusing as ever.

Erica Mena Receives Death Threats Over "L&HH" Drama: "This Is A Television Show"
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“Joe is a grown man,” Cyn said in the episode. “Whoever Joe loves, he gon’ be with. I’m just hurt and I’m like, appalled at Erica. We loved and cared for each other once upon a time but all of a sudden, Cyn and Joe are no longer together and Erica is so invested in putting him back with his ex?” Erica took Twitter to clarify a few things.

“You females are funny,” she wrote. “So when table talk was happening and motherf*ckers was sitting around gossiping crazy about Me & rumors on my husband y’all wasn’t screaming out ‘ be a woman first’ Now that y’all see tears I’m all these disgusting things?! Okay got it.” She added, “I understand how it looks. But when will y’all understand editing is going to show you what it wants to show you. Certain people celebrated at my babyshower for a reason. And that scene from last night was one of them. If I was really all these things why am I ALWAYS blessed?”

A Twitter user told Erica she was “messy” and said she needed to “stay out of other people’s business.” Erica replied, “If it’s about being a decent human being why was it okay for her to sit around to help spread blog rumors with an individual she befriended only because they are my enemy? Feelings?! The same feelings she had when she made people attack my husband because he was with me?! B*tch?.”

After going tit-for-tat with a few Love & Hip Hop New York fans, Erica told people they need to relax with how invested they are in the series. “At this end of the day this is a television show,” she said. “And to be receiving death threats off this is completely disgusting. No one is perfect but we all are great at our job. To threaten someone because they get their job done is sick.”