EP Onenonly: St. Louis’ King of Versatility Drops Bars and Soul

EP Onenonly: St. Louis’ King of Versatility Drops Bars and Soul


EP Onenonly ain’t your average rapper. Hailing from the streets of St. Louis, this dude’s got a sound as vibrant as his hometown. He blends lyrical finesse with infectious beats, creating a signature style that defies labels.

Think soulful storytelling meets high-energy anthems. One track might have you nodding your head, and the next might have you reflecting on life’s hustle. It’s this versatility that sets EP apart. He ain’t afraid to push boundaries and paint the musical landscape with his own unique colors, purple being his favorite, symbolizing royalty, creativity, and that one-of-a-kind vibe he brings.

His journey started young, grinding away and honing his craft. He even raised a son while chasing his dream, proving his dedication goes beyond music. Inspiration comes from all around, from the big names in the industry to his late friend Vince, whose story he weaves into a track called “Vinchenzo.” It’s evidence of the real-life experiences that fuel his music; every song is a piece of his soul laid bare.

EP Onenonly creates music that resonates with people, helps them through tough times, or just lets them forget the daily grind. He’s an artist who lives by the motto “Just keep going and trust the Universe,” and that hustle is evident in his relentless pursuit of musical mastery.

Looking ahead, 2024 promises to be a big year for EP. His project The Milks Gone Bad is dropping later this year, alongside a bunch of fresh singles and collaborations. And down the line, a project called “The Eric Peterson Story” is brewing, hinting at an even deeper dive into his world.

So, keep your ears peeled for EP Onenonly. This ain’t just another rapper on the rise; it’s the story of a visionary artist paving his own path in the game, one powerful verse and pulsating beat at a time.

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