Enjoy The Irresistible Vibes Of FG Figueroa’s “Odio”

Enjoy The Irresistible Vibes Of FG Figueroa’s “Odio”


The charisma of an artist can solve lots of problems for them. Add to it a natural musical talent and hard work, and you’ll get a creator who has no chance to not succeed. One of the recent discoveries of the urban world condemned to succeed and meet glory is Florida-based Puerto Rican urban singer and songwriter FG Figueroa. His latest release of the rhythmic “Odio” is a gift to the whole musical world. We were waiting for a fresh breath in the industry for long enough. Now it is time to enjoy the bold, fiery musical experiments of FG Figueroa. 

C.O.D.A. and Jose Azcona produced the “Odio,” and talented Flowercop directed the music video for the track. The visuals capture the spirit and beauty of South Florida, while manifesting its architecture and life.  

FG Figueroa’s music is pretty diverse and a mix of different genres from r&b, Latin-pop, pop to rap and reggaeton. All of his musical blends are overflowing with the smoothest of the soundscapes and mixes. The reason for such a unique and spicy melodic palette is the artist’s inspiration from the most diverse genres and creators. 

He was inspired by Michael Jackson, Marc Anthony, Eminem, Linkin Park, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, and many more legendary names that pepper his music with their artistically creative influence. Thanks to such musical background FG Figueroa was able to create his own signature music that you can enjoy in “Odio.” Definitely go for it; you will not regret your decision. The release is really epic to the core.