Eminem Endorses 50 Cent’s Latest Endeavor

Eminem Endorses 50 Cent’s Latest Endeavor


Over their years as friends and collaborative partners, Eminem and 50 Cent have amassed quite a repertoire of classic tunes under their belt. From “Patiently Waiting” to “Don’t Push Me,” “Jimmy Crack Corn” to “Gatman & Robbin,” “Psycho” to “You Don’t Know,” the Shady and Fif connection has often manifested into dark and menacing bangers. It’s ultimately helped make them one of hip-hop’s surefire teams, never failing to deliver quality when called upon. It’s no wonder that fans hold their bromance in high regard to this day.

Eminem Endorses 50 Cent's Latest Endeavor

Scott Gries/Getty Images

And while it’s been a while since they united for a proper collaboration (the Ed Sheeran led “Remember The Name” notwithstanding), the friendship has remained as sturdy as ever. Today, Slim took to Instagram to proudly endorse 50’s latest endeavor, his new book Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter. 

Alongside the cover, Em channeled his inner infomercial in the caption: “Like he said: Get Rich or die tryin’!! Get my friend @50Cent’s new book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter to help learn how!” The kind gesture did not go unnoticed by 50, who came through in the replies to show some appreciation. “Thanks EM Love you dog,” he wrote, a departure from his traditionally hard-nosed Instagram antics. Such is the power of the 50 Cent/Eminem partnership — some things run deeper than rap.