Ed Sheeran Lookalike Strikes Again: Doppelganger Hands Out Vegan Nuggets

Ed Sheeran Lookalike Strikes Again: Doppelganger Hands Out Vegan Nuggets


Celebrity doppelgangers have been flexing their superstar affiliated looks since the rise of popular culture. While many take their talents to major metropolitan cities as street performers, Ed Sheeran‘s lookalike, Ty Jones, has made quite the career out of looking like the “Beautiful People” singer/songwriter. 

On Jan. 12, Jones was spotted in the BOXPARK shopping center in the London borough of Shoreditch handing out plant-based ‘chicken’ nuggets to locals out of a food truck owned by a company called, THIS. In the past, THIS had teased that a celebrity would be joining them to hand out vegan nuggets to customers and to the public’s surprise, they were greeted by none other than Ed Sheeran himself. Or at least that’s what they thought. 

After hoards of unsuspecting fans approached the truck to get their fill of vegan nuggets and take flicks with Sheeran, some attendees became weary on whether if the food truck’s special guest really was Sheeran. Later, TMZ confirmed that THIS hired lookalike Ty Jones and even a bodyguard to hand out their new plant-based menu item. 

This isn’t the first time that Jones has been hired to confuse the masses. In Nov. 2019, Jones was hired by Joshua Pieters to attend the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 boxing match in Los Angeles. With Ed Sheeran recently stating that he lost over fifty pounds in response to internet trolls, Ty Jones has a lot of personal maintenance he has to sustain in order to keep his looks up with Sheeran’s. Check out the clip of actor and impersonator Ty Jones tricking Londoners in the video provided below.