E-40 & Richie Rich Are "Back On The Same Page" After Short-Lived Beef

E-40 & Richie Rich Are "Back On The Same Page" After Short-Lived Beef


All is well in the Bay as two OGs have put their incredibly short-lived feud to rest. E-40 hit the ‘Gram last night to reveal that he and Richie Rich linked up for a meal and “squashed” their feud. “Just finished up a Boss Talk wit my Guy @tharealrichierich I got alotta history wit that dude’ now we back on the same page,” he captioned the photo which Richie Rich reposted on his own Instagram.

Their feud all began the other day when Richie Rich called out E-40 on Instagram for allegedly calling him a snitch. However, it all started with some playful banter during the Super Bowl when Richie Rich called out a slew of 49ers fans including Forty Water. This prompted 40 to go ham in the comment section and air out Richie Rich.

After receiving numerous calls about this whole thing, Richie Rich just dropped a video of himself to try and clear the air. Real n***as gon’ feel it. You called me a rat. So, I’m giving you 48 hours to produce documentation that supports that shit you was talking last night. ‘Cause if not, niggas can’t believe nothing you say,” he said.

Uncle Snoop slid into the comments at that point and urged the two to deal with this off of social media. It looks like both 40 and Richie Rich took Snoop’s advice.