Dre Palindrome releases new hot new single, “Use To Be Broke”

Dre Palindrome releases new hot new single, “Use To Be Broke”


The Nashville-native R&B artist, Dre Palindrome has just released his latest single, “Use To Be Broke” on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms.

Dre Palindrome is a natural musician and he’s well-versed in all aspects of the business. He produces, sings and writes his own material. He’s also an audio engineer from the east side.

“Use To Be Broke” opens with an awesome guitar riff. The single references R&B, rap and contemporary pop music seamlessly. This song captures the day to day reality of life when he “used to be broke” and it feels more like a dance track or a rap song. The track blends R&B with hip hop and funk delivering a feel-good vibe – it’s about rising above adversity and the lyrics convey this well: “I remember waking up looking for something to eat”. The music video includes road scenes and tells the story as a journey – which it essentially is. It’s a journey of hope, not despair neatly packaged in an upbeat tempo R&B hip hop melody.

Palindrome blends genres naturally. He’s also known in the business as TheRnbMutant. When you look at his impressive collection of work – you can see he is on track to becoming a household name.

Palindrome’s latest single “Use To Be Broke” is out now and streaming across all the usual platforms. Get your copy now and don’t forget to add this talented artist to your streaming playlists.

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