Drake Succinctly Explains What His 2020 Is Going To Be About

Drake Succinctly Explains What His 2020 Is Going To Be About


Drake finished the decade off as one of its biggest artists. He came through with numerous chart-topping songs and projects that left us clamoring for more. The Canadian artist decided not to come through with a project in 2019 although 2020 is already shaping up to be a huge year for him. Fans are already anticipating a new album which will surely be well-received by everyone who has been sitting patiently for new songs. Drake is well-aware of the demand for new music and is already teasing fans by lamenting about his work ethic.

In his latest Instagram post, Drake claims that he is coming into 2020 swinging. “To another year of taking my work home with me,” he wrote. While this simple message isn’t much, it certainly tells us that he’ll be working tirelessly to provide fans with what they’ve been begging for.

Drake’s evolution as an artist has been quite interesting over the years. Whether you like him or not, there is no denying that he is one of the biggest artists out there. His next album will surely give fans a deeper look inside how he has not only progressed as an artist but as a person as well.

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