Drake Roasts His Own Dad With This Savage Meme

Drake Roasts His Own Dad With This Savage Meme


Drake and his father have always had a pretty special relationship, portraying their love as unconditional in the media. However, like all fathers and sons, they have had spats that have jeopardized their bond. Unlike you and I though, Drake and Dennis Graham have to deal with their differences with the public continually watching on, judging every single move and decision. Things are amplified in the media and, when the two got into it late last year, a rare beef kicked off between two generations of the Graham family. Thankfully, that looks to be behind them now because, this morning, many of the Canadian artist’s fans woke up to a savage roast-job directed at good ol’ Dennis, completed by none other than the 6ix God.

Drake Roasts His Own Dad With This Savage Meme
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Of all celebrity parents, Dennis Graham is perhaps one of the most well-known figures in the public eye when compared to other successful rappers. Sure, Drake’s dad is a pretty successful musician in his own right and, taking a look at him, you can definitely recognize that he has his brand locked down. Funky shades, big hats, and expensive suits line his wardrobe and when he takes a step out to one of Hollywood’s hottest nightclubs, all eyes are on him. Drake took some time to troll his pops over his loud fashion choices, posting the below meme to his social pages.

Writing out the following caption, Drake made sure his dad knows just how embarrassing he has the potential to be. “Her: Wow you’re really sweet whoever raised you did a great job.” The punchline was basically just a picture of his father in some Halloween-worthy garb.

It’s nice to see these two back on good terms.