Drake Apologizes To His "Actual Brother" Carnage In Hilarious Birthday Post

Drake Apologizes To His "Actual Brother" Carnage In Hilarious Birthday Post


Yesterday marked the 28th birthday of beloved EDM producer DJ Carnage. The producer, who’s made a name for himself in both hip-hop and electronic spaces, shared a glimpse of his festivities on Instagram which included strippers and loud music. However, the timeline also was flooded with birthday tributes from Carnage’s celebrity friends.

Now, Drake and Carnage have a pretty hilarious friendship with one another. Although we haven’t heard much music from them yet, they’re constantly trolling each other in their respective Instagram comments. Carnage flamed Drake for “fake ab surgery,” which undoubtedly sparked a narrative on social media surrounding Drake’s health regiment, and compared the Canadian rapper’s style to DJ Khaled’s. For Carnage’s birthday, Drake gave him a bit of his own medicine.

“Happy birthday to my actual brother @carnage I am sorry I don’t claim you more but you know what mom tells us about how important my image is and what not…wishing you more life and more paid frat party hostings for 2020.”

Drake shared a photo of himself and Future The Prince on Instagram, which would seem conceited upon first glance, but it was only the set up for a bigger punchline. “swipe right to see who I’m talking about @carnage,” Drake concluded his statement. After swiping, you’ll find an incredibly blurry photo of Carnage seated in the background of the first photo. 

Peep the post below.