Dr. Oz Wants To Make Mark Wahlberg Throw Up During Their Competitive Workout

Dr. Oz Wants To Make Mark Wahlberg Throw Up During Their Competitive Workout


Over the past several years, Mark Wahlberg has become an advocate for leading a healthy lifestyle. The Boogie Nights actor is even inspiring his peers and catching the attention of MMA fighters with his newly-acquired physique. However, in recent weeks, professional health advisor and heart surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz has been promoting intermittent fasting to his millions of devoted followers and Mark Wahlberg aggressively disagreed stating that the fasting method is unnecessary, sparking one of the strangest beefs in celebrity history

After Dr. Oz posted two videos of himself in action, Mark Wahlberg posted a video himself in the gym alongside Dr. Christopher Vincent declaring his contempt for fasting as he mocked the health guru stating:

“If you wanna challenge me, I’ll come hungover, eat a big steak, and you can do your little 20 pushups with one leg, your assisted pullup, I’m telling you, you’ll need a defibrillator when I’m done with you, alright, I’m the real thing, this is 30 years of training. I can’t even take my vitamins and digest them without any food. You got to eat that food. Food is your friend.”

Since then, the two have traded their jabs at one another but recently, Page Six ran into the author/television personality at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show and he revealed to the publication that he believes that he can make Mark eat his words and literally throw them up. Dr. Oz jokingly bragged:

“I feel confident, very confident, supremely confident. I think he’s a good athlete, he’ll be a good loser. I want the visual of his breakfast coming up as we finish the competition.”

While the 59-year-old genuinely believes he has the endurance, stamina, and strength to outwork the chiseled actor/entrepreneur in Mark Wahlberg in the gym, no official competition has been arranged for the too to contend in. However, the two will eventually have to cross paths. 

Check out Mark Wahlberg calling out Dr. Oz in the video provided below.