Double Shot Decision: Should DJ Pauly D Tell Nikki How He Truly Feels?

Double Shot Decision: Should DJ Pauly D Tell Nikki How He Truly Feels?


Nikki has never shied away from showing her strong feelings for DJ Pauly D — from avoiding him as soon as she saw him in Las Vegas because their last interaction was extremely difficult to acting on her desire to be with him and “going for it” at his recent pool party. So it came as no real surprise that, during tonight’s Double Shot at Love episode, the Season 1 final finisher attempted to get more clarity from Pauly by presenting him with an honest note expressing her views.

“This letter that I wrote — it’s me pouring my heart out to Pauly,” Nikki stated, adding that her desire was to explain her thoughts before the group made its way to Miami (where her on-again off-again maybe-on-again beau would be DJing) and how putting pen to paper helps her make sense of it all.

Nikki handed over her pad, to which Pauly responded with an enthusiastic, “She wrote an entry about me in a book!” And Vinny, who was next to the duo, quipped, “Roses are red, violets are blue.”

Pauly did not read the sentiments out loud, but Nikki divulged her words in the confessional.

“What scares me is the fact that my heart will always be open to him,” she read. “No matter how many times I try to shut him out, he is my addiction — spinning me in circles to the point where I am dizzy and delirious. I am drunk on him.”

And Pauly couldn’t use his vocal chords to reply to Nikki — just a wide open trap.

“Oh my God, I’m speechless. And I’m never speechless,” he said separately.

Meanwhile, three’s a crowd Vinny repeated their mutual safe word “avocado” — and even went as far as using “guacamole” to get his bro’s attention. But there was no reply from Pauly.

“It was deep,” Pauly told Vinny privately. “She basically, in a nutshell, said she’s always able to get over anyone. She can fall in love and fall out of love immediately. With me, she thought that she could, and she didn’t.”

And when the group was on a private plane to the Sunshine State, Nikki and Pauly smiled back and forth at each other — and had a bit of playful hand-holding.

“The goal for Miami is simple: I’m trying to figure out what the f*ck we’re doing,” Nikki explained about their “vacation from the vacation.” “I can’t hold back my feelings because somebody else is scared of the responsibility of those emotions. I want to be with him, and I need to know what’s in Pauly’s head.”

And that’s the mystery. Sure, they are “feeling each other” (cut to the pair making out in the club on next week’s episode). But Pauly has repeatedly expressed, without telling this to Nikki’s face, that he does not want to lead her on or hurt her. So will Pauly be upfront about his sentiments and say he doesn’t want to “move too fast”? Or will the thoughts inside that head with the unique blowout remain a mystery to Nikki? Do not miss Double Shot at Love every Thursday at 8/7c.