Double Agents Do-Over: Can Big T Trust Challenge Partner CT?

Double Agents Do-Over: Can Big T Trust Challenge Partner CT?


If the cheese stands alone, call Double Agents favorite Big T a blue-ribbon camembert. The Brit-bred Challenge star — who’s defied expectations across Season 36 — is now the game’s only competitor without a Gold Skull. But now that she’s got her old partner back, will she finally have a chance to earn her own?

And, more importantly, can she trust CT — who burned her big time — to get her back into The Crater?

On the most recent Double Agents episode, teams dove into the deep unknown in “Undercover,” which challenged them to submerge themselves into some of Iceland’s clearest (and coldest) waters, collect a series of coded rings between two tectonic plates and use the rings to solve a puzzle once back ashore.

For some competitors — like CT — it was a struggle. Though he and Kam were one of three teams to complete the mission, he found it difficult to work with the Are You the One? export, whose partnership he’d earned only after throwing his previous partner, Big T, to the wolves.

“I’m starting to second guess my decision on being partners with Kam,” CT said.

One team that didn’t struggle, though: Kyle and Aneesa. Though the house had cast aside the game’s newest pair as a layup, Kyle’s and Aneesa’s collective calm proved to be just what the mission called for, and Aneesa racked up her third win in the process.

“It just feels amazing to know we beat everybody,” Aneesa said. “We kicked their asses today.”

Kyle and Aneesa were tempted to nominate Leroy and Kaycee — who’d put them at a deficit by placing them first in the “Undercover” order — to the Crater to face off against eventual house vote Darrell and Amber B. But Aneesa was committed to helping her pal Cory earn his Gold Skull, and so, she and Kyle cast their votes accordingly.

In the latest installation of “Snapping Point,” Cory and Darrell — while bound together by a spring-loaded tether — had to weave through a series of poles before racing to designated targets. The game was designed to test players’ endurance, but the lightning-quick Cory upended the system and sent Darrell — one of the game’s most feared champions — packing in the blink of an eye.

It also sent Big T back into potential Rogue Agent territory. Because Cory won a Gold Skull, he earned the chance to choose any partner he wanted, save for Aneesa. And when he stole CT’s partner, Kam, he left CT with a choice between the abandoned Big T and Darrell’s partner, Amber B.

CT, who’d already earned his Gold Skull, nevertheless saw an opportunity to right his wrong by throwing himself back into The Crater.

“I think it would only be right for me to help her get [her Gold Skull] like she helped me get mine,” CT said. “I want my girl back.”

Big T, beaming, accepted CT’s plea.

“I’m really grateful for that — this is a really big step,” she said. “Maybe the grudge-keeper might release her grudge.”

But is there a chance Big T might be naïve to trust CT? Were his kind words just lip service, and is she bound to get screwed over again? Share your thoughts, and check out the next Double Agents episode Wednesday!