Donald Trump’s Personal Valet Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Donald Trump’s Personal Valet Tests Positive For Coronavirus


President Donald Trump has been criticized for downplaying the novel coronavirus and urging the economy to restart too early. A number of states are slowly re-opening non-essential businesses, including car dealerships and more, before the end of the week. A new development has just struck the White House as it is being reported that none other than Donald Trump’s personal valet has tested positive for COVID-19.

The report was issued by TMZ, who claims that the President’s valet, a former member of the US Navy, was showing symptoms this week and tested positive on Wednesday morning (May 6). 

The news has reportedly caused Trump to express some anger, with CNN even saying that it’s “hitting the fan” in the Trump administration.

Donald Trump's Personal Valet Tests Positive For Coronavirus
Joe Mahoney/Getty Images 

According to the report, both Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence have tested negative for the virus since learning of the valet’s diagnosis and they are both “in great health.”

Despite his negative test results, Trump may still have contracted the virus. According to a Los Angeles physician, somebody exposed to COVID-19 may still test negative the next day. Since Trump has been in direct contact with somebody who has tested positive, he will likely need to be tested again in the coming week. 

Earlier this week, the President visited Arizona and he did not wear a mask. 

We will keep you posted on any new developments.