Donald Glover Releases Trailer for Upcoming Film, ‘Bando Stone and The New World’

Donald Glover Releases Trailer for Upcoming Film, ‘Bando Stone and The New World’


Donald Glover will be soon seen exploring his acting, directorial and musical side cohesively as an artist on upcoming film, Bando Stone and The New World.

A film much teased by Glover, albeit only by way of word of mouth on his latest Gilga Radio venture, the futuristic dystopian narrative now has a trailer — depicting Donald Glover as a famous singer at the end of the world.

Set sometime in the future, the dystopian-esque motifs of the post-human ‘new world’ is marked by grand existential questions that Glover as protagonist is forced to confront. The trailer hints at the story being a popular singer’s introspective foray into asking himself what and who he is, in a world where he’s no longer star — where he and surviving humans are hunted, and what matters is bare survival and solidarity.

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The stunning visuals capture the nostalgia and scale of the Jurassic Park films, framing the essence of a grand and bold narrative that the film aspires to quench. It features non-human attack systems like large scale and impact laser weapons, as Glover flees from danger with a companion and her daughter, seeking safety and refuge.

While the trailer itself is shrouded in mystique, what’s clear is that Childish Gambino has expanded to newer forms of artistry that come together in beautiful parts to create an inspiring whole, also redefining what it means to be an innovative and visionary hip hop artist.

The film, which will feature an extensive soundtrack by Childish Gambino, is essentially one of his final LPs — a ‘retirement’ conversation that’s been on the table for a while now. While the body of this audio release is still being revealed bit by bit, the lead single from the album/ film will be available for streaming on July 2nd and is titled LITHONIA. The release date for the film itself, however, hasn’t been revealed.