Donald Glover Announces Final Childish Gambino Album; Talks ‘Big 3’ and More

Donald Glover Announces Final Childish Gambino Album; Talks ‘Big 3’ and More


In the debut livestream of Gilga Radio, Donald Glover unveiled information around two new albums, the second of which will be the last Childish Gambino album.

The rather candid conversation kickstarted Glover’s latest radio initiative on Instagram, Gilga, where the artist spoke about the haphazard way in which his last project 3.15.20 was released – as well as its perceived shortcomings in the era of modern streaming.

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He went on to speak about the album’s renewed readiness, emphasising that it will serve as a revamped release under the name, Atavista. He also admitted to the failures of its first iteration, and how timestamp based nomenclature of the tracks on 3.15.20 is not how most people consume music. He further revealed how he dropped the project without a thorough mix and master in the midst of the uncertainty that was the COVID-19 pandemic, and that Atavista will be a more polished package. Yes, this also means that a special edition Atavista vinyl release is on the way, alongside a music video for ‘Little Foot, Big Foot ft. Young Nudy’ directed by Hiro in the upcoming weeks.

Digressing from Atavista, the rapper then soft-announced the development of a fresh final project from Childish Gambino, that will serve as the original soundtrack for a film titled ‘Bando Stone and The New World’. Brimming with a familiar Gambino-esque confidence, Glover spoke about how this is the kind of project he has always wanted to undertake, and that aside from these full length music projects, fans can also expect to see a Donald Glover x Zack Fox anime, as well as an animated show titled ‘City Mouse, Country Mouse’. Excitingly, Glover also teased some unreleased tunes that can be heard here.

On a more introspective tangent, Glover also spoke about his rap persona that is Childish Gambino, revealing that RZA from the Wu Tang Clan was intent on working on one of his formative releases and how he perceived Gambino’s story as one of “a boy turning into a boss”. This stuck with the artist, who emphasises that the whole point of a Childish Gambino persona is to not be an adult in his music.

He further weighed in on the ‘Big 3’ fued and his place within this narrative, and described himself as a “court jester” that is away from the noise, trying to have fun. “F**k the culture”, he said. “The culture has n****s afraid to wear sandals. What are we doing? You’re afraid to show your toes? Everyone has them! Why are we beholden to this thing that kinda wants us to fight?” Glover then commented how people are out dying in Chicago over real beefs, and how everyone must ask what they want from the zenith and whether it is about the bars, or the expression. You can listen to the full stream here.