Doja Cat Says She’ll Show Her Boobs If "Say So" Reaches #1

Doja Cat Says She’ll Show Her Boobs If "Say So" Reaches #1


Doja Cat is one of the most popular female rappers in the country right now, going absolutely viral with a few of her Hot Pink songs. She is damn-near unavoidable on social media, completely taking over Tik Tok with her viral hit “Say So.” The song has done wonders to her career, becoming her first-ever Top 10 record on the charts. It continues to inch toward the top and, last week, the rapper released a remix with Nicki Minaj. Surely, that will boost her streams a little higher and there is a good chance that it ends up creeping closer to #1. If the song does reach that stage, Doja Cat has made her fans a pretty lofty promise.

“If say so hits #1 I’ll show you guys my boobs really hard,” wrote the Los Angeles native on Twitter. 

It’s not like her fans needed any extra incentive to stream the track on repeat but hey, maybe this will actually help her as she sets out to take over the Billboard Hot 100. At least this will get the simps of the world streaming it.

Unfortunately for Doja, it doesn’t look like she will end up hitting #1 next week. As things currently stand, the placement will be reserved for Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé for the new “Savage” remix. 

Nevertheless, continue to enjoy “Say So” because, who knows, maybe a gift is coming at the end of this all.