D’nya Monae – Single Season (Official Video)

D’nya Monae – Single Season (Official Video)


This is a slow-paced groove that has you laying back and enjoying the steady beat. The song’s a single person’s anthem. Every word mentioned reminds you of an unattached individual declaring his or her right to their space. She makes it clear with her lyrics. “I’m not gonna remember none of those texts I sent ya. Way too wasted, Ahh. I might just forget ya. Say another name when I’m wit ya. Way too wasted, Ahh.” That’s the general attitude of the whole song.

With the chorus, “Single season…must be something in the air, something in the air.” D’nya Monae sings like she’s drugged by that something in the air. She’s got a mellow but determined sound and she’s breaking down all the rules of the single life, so there can be no confusion. Her soft and sensual alto voice is clear with an effective yet limited range. Her voice is perfect for making a declaration for the freedom destined for the single during the ‘Single Season’.

“Single Season” is a single person’s declaration of independence at least for a season. With little instrumentation, the song is simple with a soft repetitive beat, but it’s still done tastefully. It’s a smooth tune that motivates you to sway as it progresses. It proclaims a freedom as a single person, expressing it in many not so obvious ways like “there’s something in the air”…

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