DMX Jailed After Failing Drug Tests

DMX Jailed After Failing Drug Tests


DMX is heading back to jail.

The controversial rapper was taken into custody on Tuesday (Jan. 30) after testing positive for opiates, cocaine, and oxycodone, violating the terms probation in his ongoing tax evasion case.

U.S. Attorney Nicholas Biase referenced the 47-year-old rapper’s recent behavior during the hearing, pointing to a video that showed him preaching about God at a St. Louis airport bar, where witnesses claim he was drinking and buying alcoholic beverages for others last week.

X, who is not supposed to drink alcohol as part his probation, was allowed to complete rehab while on house arrest. He was recently given permission to travel for work. Now, his attorney Murray Richman says he is “saddened and disappointed” by the news. “We’ll have to deal with it accordingly,” he added.

In November, DMX struck a plea deal in his tax evasion case. Initially facing up to 40 years in prison for 14 counts tax fraud, the embattled rapper is now looking at a possible five-year sentence. He is scheduled for sentencing on March 29.

  • DMX Jailed After Failing Drug Tests