Diving Into YBZ Vandr’s New Single “Circles In My Head”

Diving Into YBZ Vandr’s New Single “Circles In My Head”


YBZ Vandr, a Chicago-based artist, drops his latest single “Circles In My Head.” Renowned for a dynamic style that melds energy with introspection, this track further cements his status in the music world. It’s a lyrical journey through life’s unpredictability, encouraging fans to embrace their destiny. Drawing from influences like Juice WRLD and Iann Dior, Vandr reaches out to those seeking depth in modern music. 

The song is a deep dive into personal reflection. The pre-chorus, “Seen too much that I can’t even comprehend,” speaks to overwhelming experiences, capturing feelings of weariness and mental entrapment. YBZ Vandr’s lyrics, “I’ve been doing circles in my head,” illustrate a constant struggle with isolation and the challenge of finding light in darkness. 

In the chorus, YBZ Vandr faces his inner demons, painting a picture of a person yearning to escape the shadows of the past and find their path. The imagery of being “a ghost for the day” and “waiting on a lake for the waves” portrays a moment of transition, hovering between stagnation and change. 

“Circles In My Head” joins tracks like “On The Run,” “Gone Forever,” and “One Step Away” in YBZ Vandr’s impressive collection, offering a mirror to his experiences and outlook. His music strikes a chord of truth and emotional depth, seeking to connect with listeners through poignant, metaphor-laden storytelling.

Listen to “Circles In My Head” here: