Devin Booker Reveals Kobe Bryant-Inspired Tattoo

Devin Booker Reveals Kobe Bryant-Inspired Tattoo


Phoenix Suns All Star Devin Booker is one of the many “Team Kobe” guys in the NBA who developed a strong relationship with the Black Mamba while routinely lacing up Bryant’s beloved Nike sneakers throughout his career.

Following a game against the late, great Laker legend in 2016, Booker – who was a rookie at the time – received an autographed pair of Nike Kobe 11 Elite Lows from the man himself. On one shoe, Kobe wrote, “To The Young Gun!” along with his signature. The other shoe reads, “To Book, Be Legendary.” And now, that “Be Legendary” script is stamped on Booker’s forearm forever.

Scroll through his IG post embedded below for a look at his new ink, as well as the message from Kobe that inspired it.


In the aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s passing, a number of his current and former teammates as well as other athletes, celebrities and fans have set out to permanently ink tributes to the Laker legend on their bodies. For instance, both LeBron James and Anthony Davis received Black Mamba themed tattoos, while The Game went all out with some new artwork above his eye and Cleveland Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. added some photorealistic ink on his ribcage.

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Devin Booker Reveals Kobe Bryant-Inspired Tattoo

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