Deezy Baby 971: Unveiling”It Ain’t Personal” and “Don’t F**k Wit Tha Kid”

Deezy Baby 971: Unveiling”It Ain’t Personal” and “Don’t F**k Wit Tha Kid”


Deezy Baby 971 isn’t holding back. Fresh off the heels of his previous single, the Guadeloupean-rooted rapper unleashes a two-track salvo with “It Ain’t Personal” and “Don’t F**k Wit Tha Kid,” staking his claim in the rap game with potent lyricism and unwavering self-belief.

It Ain’t Personal” sets the tone—a hustler’s anthem wrapped in clever wordplay. Deezy emphasizes the business side of music, highlighting the financial drive that fuels his ambition. He criticizes those seeking fame over artistic merit, separating himself from the inauthentic with a sharp wit.

The track boasts undeniable confidence. References to rap legends like Denzel Curry and Kendrick Lamar showcase his influences, while bars about building his own empire and financial savvy paint a picture of a rapper focused on long-term success. However, the chorus cleverly subverts the boastful tone, with Deezy assuring listeners “It ain’t personal” despite the competitive edge.

Don’t F**k Wit Tha Kid” is a more aggressive offering. Here, Deezy adopts a confrontational stance, warning detractors of his lyrical prowess and unwavering work ethic. The track is laced with battle raps, dismissing imitators and underscoring his dominance.

While the bravado is undeniable, there’s a glimpse of vulnerability. Lines about losing friends and emotional scars hint at the struggles that fuel his drive. This duality adds depth to his persona, showcasing not just braggadocio but also the motivations that propel him forward.

Both tracks benefit from Deezy‘s sharp flow and clever wordplay. He weaves pop culture references and introspective observations seamlessly, keeping the listener engaged throughout. The production on both songs is equally impressive, with booming bass and pulsating beats that perfectly complement the aggressive delivery.

Deezy Baby 971’s latest releases are a potent reminder of his talent and ambition. “It Ain’t Personal” and “Don’t F**k Wit Tha Kid” showcase his ability to blend streetwise storytelling with lyrical dexterity, solidifying his position as a rising force to be reckoned with.