‘Dedicated To The Memory Of Elliot Angel Soto’: Madisson Opens Up About Her Son On Siesta Key

‘Dedicated To The Memory Of Elliot Angel Soto’: Madisson Opens Up About Her Son On Siesta Key


Madisson and Ish had the “most magical and beautiful wedding” — and as the nuptials concluded during tonight’s Siesta Key season finale, the couple sweetly spoke about going home to Los Angeles and “having their baby.”

Then, a heartbreaking message appeared on the screen:

“Two weeks before his delivery date, Madisson and Ish’s baby boy, Elliot Angel Soto, suffered a rare complication in the womb. He did not survive.”

Madisson returned to Florida a few months after the stillbirth and met up with Juliette, Amanda, Cara, Chloe, Jordana, and Kelsey. The women embraced her as soon as she arrived on the beach, and the sorrow was palpable. After exchanging greetings, Madisson admitted that Ish was struggling and feeling “anger with the world.” She also revealed they attend a support group, and the experience of meeting other people who are going through similar circumstances has helped immensely.

“There is a huge, wonderful community of loss moms, and I’ve learned so much from them,” Baby Elliot’s mother explained. “They really have saved me these past few months.”

Madisson went into more detail about what happened in December 2021: She disclosed that she did not feel Elliot move in a while, so they went to the hospital.

“He just wasn’t responding to anything, so we went to [the hospital], and they took us in and there was no heartbeat,” she painfully recalled. “[It was] the hardest moment of my life; it felt like the whole world just stopped.”

Madisson was admitted and immediately induced; two days later, she delivered Elliot. He weighed six pounds 13 ounces.

“They handed me him, and he was so perfect,” Elliot’s mama stated. “I didn’t really cry; I was just so happy to be with him. I just want him back so bad.”

The women assured Madisson she is a great mother and proceeded to make a toast “to Elliot.” The episode concluded with this message: “Dedicated to the memory of Elliot Angel Soto.”

If you or someone you know is in need of support for pregnancy or infant loss, you’re not alone. Visit here for helpful resources. Watch Madisson and Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley from the Power to Decide organization in the digital special below featuring a discussion about Madisson’s experience of full-term pregnancy loss – and to open up a broader discussion about reproductive health.